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i love paris savoir-faire

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Our Paris Tours of Haute Couture Artisanry

Visit Paris Haute Couture behind the scene and meet with Master Craftsmen of luxury…

The Paris of haute couture awaits… At your fingertips… Experience the world of Parisian artisans and their timeless savoir-faire.  Allow yourself to be surprised by authenticity! Leave behind the Paris neighborhoods prized by tourists. Meet the artisans of luxury whose skills are often barely known to the larger public but praised all around the world within the global luxury industry…Discover today’s Paris as one  the world’s most important fashion capitals.

Our goal is to have you never look at designer clothes in a high-end boutique or the media coverage of a fashion designer the same way again, once you have learned about some of the tools of the trade of artisanal know-how of luxury.

It’s time to see French artisanry in luxury as it really is: a mark of exceptional sophistication transmitted from generation to generation or as an arduous path chosen by enterprising newcomers. This painstaking labor is perpetuated by highly independent, skilled, and humble yet passionate souls. Travel back in time, for an authentic visit to experience in an intimate setting.


For you, we organize the I Love Paris Savoir-Faire bespoke tours with your exclusive encounters with artisans of couture. Visits to their ateliers will enable you to meet craftswomen and craftsmen we are partnering with, discover their showrooms and training establishments, and experience their passion and dedication.


Our visits are limited edition events. They take place in an intimate setting: up    to 8 persons. Artisans are focused on their creative work and it is impossible for them to spend much time greeting people.

The feel of a genuine encounter: Visits take place during working hours and coincide with the hectic schedule of artisans who often deal with last-minutes orders. We come from the luxury and fashion editorial world.  That is our expertise and our passion. Our exclusive and limited shopping edition events will not take place during our public visits.

All potential shopping at the craftsmen’s are granted free of charge.  Our exclusive and limited shopping edition events will not take place during our public visits.

The only criteria applied in the selection of artisans featured in the tour? An exceptional mastery of their craft, the artisan will make her/his savoir-faire known and the wish to collectively promote in France and internationally their shared values of excellence in craftsmanship.

For further information and wishes to organize your tour according to specific dates and/or ideas to add a special Paris Shopping Tour based on Made in France Fashion, contact :  Ms. Stéphanie Bui – phone : +33 1 83 62 72 84    ⁄  email : – The Daily Couture – 7 Villa Dancourt -75018 Paris – Montmartre – FRANCE – siret : 750 254 716 00012 – ©TheDailyCouture