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Welcome to our visits of Paris Haute Couture, our “I love Paris Savoir-Faire” bespoke tours dedicated to lovers of handmade and tailor-made creation.

Drawing awareness and promoting the unique savoir-faire of skilled artisans of French luxury perpetuates France’s reputation for excellence worldwide. It is a three-part mission that includes contributing editorial content (animating the blog and other editorial missions), organizing custom tours in Paris with artisans who work in haute couture, and last but not least coordinating and moderating conferences on the subject of savoir-faire and luxury.

For any inquiries regarding the Exclusive Encounters with Artisans of Luxury in Paris we organize for private individuals, small groups or companies,  for questions regarding partnership or other issues,  contact  Ms. Stéphanie Bui :

phone : +33 1 83 62 72 84    ⁄  email :

GEAI/The Daily Couture : Siret : 433 545 357 00025 – 18 rue du Faubourg du Temple -75011 Paris -FRANCE